As time advanced, my daughter, wife and mother's bodies were covered with small yellow swellings.  They could not eat.  Could not have tea or even water and died on the 17th and the 18th of August.

A policeman came all way to write a postmortem certificate.  I straightened up a hair-lead crumpled by the atomic blast, laid down the three bodies and covered them with a futon.  I piled up construction waste and spend a long time burning them praying.

Using the wood of my friend's closet I made a box and placed the remains all together in it.  Then I buried the box in my brother's burial plot in the countryside.

Translation by another person.

My mother, wife and daughter got blotches and soon died.

As time went by, my mother, wife and daughter were getting small blotches all over their bodies and ate less and less.  They finally couldn't take any food, even tea or water.  Each of them died around 17th-18th.

A police officer came to my house and wrote autopsy reports.  I pounded hammer on the rumpled iron sheet to roll it out.  I put their bodies on the sheet, covered them with futon, piled up discarded lumber on them and burnt them for a long time.

Then I made boxes from drawers of my friend's chests and put their ashes in the boxes.  I buried them in my brother's grave in my hometown.