There was a theological school.  It was flat on the ground as if it had been crushed down.  By the heap of rubble, there was a big tree lying down.  It was a big tree and looked as though even eight people couldn't hold it up.  I couldn't even walk it over, but noticed I could get through under the tree.

I took my baby down from my back to carry him on my chest and crawled through the gap.  On my way, I heard a voice saying, "Water..., water..." near me.  As I was startled by it and turned my face toward the voice, I found something black was squirming.  I also heard other voices saying, "Water..." or "Help me..." from the opposite direction.

Were they screams of the people who had been crushed by the tree and crying for help?

I didn't know what to do and crawled out from the gap, holding my baby tight.  The moment I felt relieved, I heard the sound of insects breaking the still of the night.  I can't forget the sound.